Modelling Population Dynamics

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Newman, K., Buckland, S.T., Morgan, B.J.T., King, R., Borchers, D.L., Cole, D., Besbeas, P., Gimenez, O., Thomas, L. 2014. Modelling Population Dynamics.


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Research Unit for Wildlife Population Assessment

WiSP – Estimating Animal Abundance

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Research Unit for Wildlife Population Assessment

MRSea – Marine renewables strategic environmental assessment

Software for fitting one and two dimensional spatially adaptive smoothing splines.  This software was developed for the marine renewables framework but is suitable for most smoothing applications.

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The latest version of the package has had a major overhaul in the specification of the models.  Please see the vignette with the package for more details.

MRSea Windows Package Version 0.99

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MRSea Mac Package Version 0.99

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MRSea Guidance Documents

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Older versions of MRSea:

MRSea PC Package 0.2.2

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MRSea Mac Package 0.2.2

1.66 MB 158 downloads

MRSea PC Bundle 0.1.2

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MRSea Mac Bundle 0.1.2

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MRSeaPower – Power analysis methods for assessing the Power to Detect Change.

Software for analysing the power to detect change. This work was undertaken by CREEM on behalf of the Scottish Government.

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